Monday, June 28, 2010

caption: athleticism

friday night i raced the track with the p/1/2 men. a "P" actually did show up. and that would be ben j-m. he thought it nice to heckle me why i am riding my nice wheels.... uh, cause you are here? pschaw.

anyway, it was pretty hard. i can't remember how long the first scratch race was. all i do recall, is looking at the lap card and seeing "26" and thinking: oh shit! but i hung in the whole race, unlike john simmons, who dropped out, which means i beat him. me and simmons have a battle of sprinting for like 15th i always like to keep track of where he is. anyway-- it settled down with about 12 to go and i moved up a bit with 2 to go and then the pace slowed a tiny bit coming out of turn three, so i figured i was going to hit it and lead out the sprint. that was pretty fun, and it even landed me 8th place. i could have sworn to god someone took a lap in that race, but i guess not. i guess i was a bit blistery eyed and not all that aware.

the points race was not as bad for me. that is probably because i was in the pack and didn't take a lap like all the cool kids. anyway, i didn't score a point, and simmons did pass me in the final sprint. the miss n out was a big disappointment. i made a bad move. like i always say in the miss n out... i'm doing good, until i'm not doing good. but super fun friday night again! but, shit, riding with the men is exhausting.

well, anyway, the next day i super tired, and for that reason we decided to be over ambitious on our bike ride... going on some crazy stupid long hilly 4.5 or 5 hour ride or something like that. we went up morgan territory, then through the winds of livermore. michael took this opportunity to turn the screws and make me cry. then we hit some shitty section of suberbia going through dublin and i really lost the will to live. we had about 2 hours home, up some more hills and into more headwind. so we stopped at the chevron station to pick up some junk food. $10 can buy you a lot of calories.

apart from the amazingness of this consumption, was the visual image. bikes, spandex clad, strewn out on the gas station sidewalk binging on junk food. the visual image for anyone buying gas must have been remarkable. i wish we had a camera, because i would love to have a picture with the caption: athleticism right under it. for those of you who are health conscious, let's review:
donnettes: 430 calories; 18 grams of fat
half twix bar: 142 calories; 7 grams of fat
starbucks 13oz drink: 290 calories; 4.5 grams of fat
total: 862 calories; 29.5 grams of fat
frittos: 480 calories; 30 grams of fat
half twix bar: 142 calories; 7 grams of fat
starbucks 13oz drink: 290 calories; 4.5 grams of fat
total: 912 calories; 41.5 grams of fat
next day, sunday, was beat the clock time trial. fun event, for sure. it was a blast riding my road bike on the track during the warmup! it was a hot day and some fast times. i was happy to get a best time in the 200m, with a 12.8. this was cool for me because i had never broken 13 seconds. it just goes to show you: stop sprint training and you get faster. after i got my time, i made sure to text message annabell, carlos, and stephanie something along the lines of "12.8 sprinter bitches". to which the replies included:
  • not bad for a ROADIE
  • yeah, but how are the sprint rounds going?! (well, i didn't have sprint rounds, cause it was a TT day, but had it been a tourny, that would have been on point)... and my favorite--
  • about time you broke 13! btw, i'm 46 yrs old. (yeah, point taken, AB)
next was the 500m, which went shitty. it was perhaps my worst start since 2008. i feel like i say that a lot, but this time it really was. then my legs felt loaded the whole time and i never got on my pedals. i think this was a good lesson to cool down and warmup more between sprint efforts. next was the 2k, which i went out to slow on. last was the 3k, which i went much faster on, and had a big personal best again... so it was good to start and end the day with good news.

but, kuddos to the day goes to lala! man, that girl is getting faaaast-- she got a 12.7 in the 200 and then 39.5 or something like that in the 500m. really impressive-- so much fun watching her! i am excited to see her times go down and speed go up for the rest of the year. this also means that any mass start race i am in with her is going to be super hard so she gets dropped early. ;)

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