Thursday, April 01, 2010

oooo... new colors

i wish i could have more of an exciting post, but really this is just to highlight that i re-did my colors. what do you think? did you like the dark background better?

why do i even ask such questions? no one reads this anymore, because i have been a bad poster. it is true. i don't even get hate mail anymore about not writing.

oh well, maybe these new colors will result in more writing inspiration. i do, after all, have LOTS to share!


runjoelrun said...

Just read it. I wanted to be the first to comment on the AMAZING colors.

beth said...

ha! thanks joel! you are bethbikes! #1 fan!

Brian Peterson said...

Orange text suits you.

Garrett Lau said...

What? I thought I was your #1 fan!

The new color scheme is nice. Back when you were blogging about typography, I was going to comment on the colors. The first plasma computer monitors were orange on black. I thought it was because of some human factors study, but I couldn't find any references. Maybe it was just a limitation of the technology.