Thursday, September 20, 2007

yay! thursday points!

bike racing is so much fun!!! absence does make the heart grow fonder; i was sick last week, so didn't race. anyway, i trained really well the last two weeks for this race; let's just say i was really rested!

hanan came down with me for her first thursday night. on the ride down, she asked me what a points race was, so i did my best to explain the madness of points racing and lap ups and lap downs. anyway, i should have just told her to be properly geared. poor girl started the race in an 81", so i don't think she had as much fun as she would have. but she'll be back next week.

i just had a blast racing. it was really fast, then slow, then fast. crazy race. the first 3 or so sprints i didn't go for points, but then started going for points. i kept getting passed right at the line, so i got a lot of 4ths, 5ths (no good!), and maybe a 3rd. i was getting better, though, at being in good position going into the last lap...not so great at my sprinting to close the deal, but getting better. nevertheless, i was pretty happy i was contesting a lot of the sprints. my night was really made by one awesome move around lap 25. me, julie, and some other guy had a small gap on the field. with one to go, julie was on the guys wheel and i edged up close to julie (on her right), boxing her in. then at the 200 line i jumped for a long sprint, came around the guy. i don't know if i got 1st or 2nd on that one, but it was pretty awesome move- cause julie told me so- and i believe everything she says cause she is awesome! anyway, the sprint on lap 20, i totally led the whole pack out like a ninny, then got pooped and totally missed *the break* of the night. my last 3 sprints i wasn't really ever in a place to contest cause i wasn't with the break, but i did get some good practice bridging up. i have also perfected the art of finding the big guys and tucking behind them to get their drafts. (why don't people like racing with men? you get a sweet draft and can usually sucker some dude into bridging up for you. hahaha.) well, all in all, a fun fun night.

when i came home, i measured the quads and, despite me not doing much the last week i grew- now at 61cm. i am guessing that is not muscle growth- but what can you do?


Velo Bella said...

I think I have a clif block hangover

CyclistRick said...

angst over the source a bigger quad measurement? Don't make me go down in your blog and pull up the quote about it being all about getting the biggest number.

alicat said...

Could I ask you some track questions from me, the newby?
if you don't mind.