Saturday, September 08, 2007

pretty tired--- track championship, day 1

as i was driving down the 880 this morning, my least favorite highway because of the awful road quality (at least in oakland- i always think i blew my tire), i was giving myself mad props for being so good and remembering everything and packing the car the night before. then i was thinking about setting up my stuff, and then i realized i definitely forgot my trainer. michiko is a lot of things, but today we will add "clutch hitter" to the list for bringing her trainer for me. Aces.

Warmup: Like most races, the day started off with a warm-up. As I got on my bike and started pedaling, I realized how easy it was to pedal! I mean- really, really, really easy... it was definitely those pimpin' wheels fred let me borrow. i never imagined in all my days that wheels could really make riding so much easier. I was quite excited to see what I could do in the next event.

500TT: I was quite excited for this, cause last time I did this it was the timed events day, my first "race". I was pretty happy that day, and I think got just under a 44. I was hoping to be in the 43s today. Well, I had a really terrible start. My rear wheel was skipping all over the place. I got it together, but it kept skipping out of the turns, which kinda through me off. The wheels were so much lighter, I wasn't putting my weight far enough back...usually in the starts I have my weight far forward, but with such light wheels this is not a good idea because I was riding like popcorn. Anyway, I was pretty happy with my speed and that I held it the whole time; I think I was very consistent and didn't slow down at the end. My time ended up being a 42.18 - so way better than I expected. I think this was 5th or 6th. This makes me happy cause I think if I can practice with those wheels more, and improve my start, I can probably get in the 41s- which would be awesome!

3000TT: Yep. This is hard. I couldn't hear my lap splits at all, so I just tried to hold it as fast as possible. I don't really know what to say about this event, other than it is a suffer-fest for sure. My time was a 4:35. I don't no if this is really bad or not, but definitely something to work on. I came in last here, but I totally expected to cause everyone else was much faster than me. This race certainly takes lots of practice with knowing your lap if I do this again, I will want to practice more so I can get my pacing better. But thanks to Mike for yelling at me-- it really helped me go harder!

Keirin: I was kinda tired when this race started from the 3k-- I didn't have much time at all. I really wanted to do well in this, so I tried to think of a race plan. There were 5 people in my heat, and all of them were really, really fast. Ideally, sitting 2nd or 3rd would be best. But Julie Granshaw and Mary Maroon were in the heat- and they know how to race well and fight and hold position, so I figured the best I'd be able to get was 4th wheel if I didn't get the motor. It is really hard coming around that many people at that speed. So, my plan was to take the motor, and expect I'd get passed by 1 or 2 people...and hope that 3 bike lengths is too much to make up, and I could hold on for 3rd. Well, this is just what happened! Peter ramped us up to 30mph... I dragged the field around, Mary FLEW by me going into turn 3-- whoa she is faaast! Then Julie came around me in the homestretch. I was fading fast from the long sprint, but thankfully held onto 3rd....just barely. but, happy all worked out. Next year, I want to practice not being on motor and braving the race.

Points Race. 40 laps, sprint 10. At this point, I was pretty tired. Also, the field was only 5 people! And super fast people. I was hoping to holdon for dear life. Surprisingly, it wasn't too fast. It was really weird doing a points race with only 4 sprints. On Thursdays we did every ten laps-- but the races were so long and bigger fields. With such a small field and short race with sprints so sparingly, it was kinda hard. Things were on the slow side, would speed up for sprints, but there was such a big distance between points that no one really wanted to take a flyer cause the distance of the points was so far apart. (At least, that is what it seemed like.) I started to get dropped, caught back on. At that point, Mike told me power through cause everyone was sitting high up track. I figured I was already in 4th or 5th place, so I'd just take a flyer, figuring I'd get caught in a lap. Nope. I had a big gap and everyone was sitting back not catching me. Weird- I just kept going around and around, wondering what the hell was going on. Well, I find out later that Mary Maroon totally had my back and was apparently blocking big time. Anyway, 5 laps of sucking wind later (thanks Mike for yelling so much!) Shelley caught me. I got on her wheel for two or so laps-- it was pretty awesome to ride her wheel and I felt quite bad I couldn't pull, but I was toast from my flyer. I got dropped by her, came in 2nd on lap three. Then hung out a couple more laps till Amanda and Mary caught me. We took pulls through to the end. I didn't sprint that last one cause Mary was the one in front of me and I owed her big time. Anyway, fun race...but tiring to be alone sucking wind for so long especially after a long day.

Done? Not yet! Alicia and I had a team race! What up O-town?!

Team Sprint- Well, we hadn't practiced at all, and it was quite obvious. She has a good start and great jump, and I was wobbly and all over the place and accelerating like a sissy. I finally got on her wheel, but it was obvious I was toast from the day before cause I was having a hard time drafting. She pulled off and I did my best to hold it, but I certainly wasn't on top of my game. We were definitely the antithesis of smooth-- and it must have hurt to watch how I riding her wheel...but, a good opportunity to try it and next time we'll definitely practice more!

Well, I am tired and ready to do it again tomorrow! But it was a blast and i definitely learned a lot and now know what i need to work on. It was quite an honor to be out there riding with so many fast woman. Also cool was how many people were out there to cheer! Major thanks to Glen for being my great holder/pusher and for all the tips and help throughout the day. Also thanks to Fred for yelling at me and Michiko for the trainer and chocolate cake! You two are the best! Thanks also to Mike and Sabine for being such great cheers and letting me use your tent for shade. Also great to see Rick, Sarah, Angela, and Doug!

...Ready for another ass whoopin' tomorrow. (That was for you, Michiko.) [apologies for this being a very boring, un-funny post. i am too tired to be witty right now.]


Velo Bella said...

we only came for the cake

alicat said...

i am jazzed to race at the track next year. and jazzed to read more of your race reports from sunday. keep em coming.

CyclistRick said...

Hey Gunnar, great to watch and cheer for a bit. Would have stayed longer, but Ms. Chatterbox had to get back to the thesis writing stuff :-( Major props for putting it on the line in ALL events.

glennzgarage said...

You earned your keirin bronze with forethought.

twinkiepatissier said...

oh... there's an ass for that a thank you for the trainer or the cake? touched...

Flandria said...

gunner...i introduced myself to Fred and asked him if I can loan him for a weekend...ha ha!

He was very nice and I am glad I was able to meet him to shake his hand.

Michiko and I had some laughs about surfing experiences - i can't wait to get out there with her!

Good luck again tomorrow and whoop ass!

I will try to get Boonen's quad measurement for you!

Flandria said...

by the and your red hot bike looked hot hot out there yesterday!

chatterbox said...

beth- you did great in the 500! You even looked fast. Sorry we couldn't watch the Keirin. I really wanted to see you do it. Oh well, next year no thesis and free as a bird, I'll be able to watch and race more!