Friday, December 13, 2013

i'll always have the F100

it's that time of house.

who needs this bike...

when you have this bike...

itsnotaboutthebike, itsnotaboutthebike, itsnotaboutthebike

that's the F100.  if you haven't heard of the F100.... what's wrong with you?  let me just give you some fun facts about the F100 to make you (er, me) recall how sweet it is:
  • The F100 has the uniformly perfect seat angle for time trialing: 73 degrees.  48cm frame, 61cm frame - same, same!  Why mess with a good thing?
  • I AM BETH.  name decals, check.
  • 9-speed.  Anything more just requires double digits.
  • F100 - almost vitage.  Now you can only buy the 500 model
  • I once won a time trial on it.... and mark my word, I'll do it again in 2014.  
Speaking of 2014 - I am pretty excited.  So what's up with me?  I have some really awesome individual sponsors that have agreed to work with me, and I am excited to talk about those a lot once january rolls around.  I'm not riding with a team next year, and will be focusing my year a lot more on track, but doing some road stuff too. But for now, back to cleaning.


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