Wednesday, September 01, 2010

be my friend, damnit!

so i haven't really written a post about the fsa grand prix. but i will, i promise!

last year the highlight for me was the pre-race bbq. jennie reed was there. i was very excited, she had a piece of the pie i made. so i felt cool.

this year, i show up at fsa and jennie reed says to me: "hi beth." not just hi, but hi beth, which means she knows my name. she also said: "good job at alpenrose" which means she knew i did well. this made me feel special.

she was racing that weekend (watch out world, she is out of retirement!), and i got to race with her! i had raced against jennie reed once before. bethbikes! early, loyal followers from 2007 might remember these pictures. this was from the first american velodrome challenge, also known as beth's third track race ever! eek.

there is me "match sprinting" jennie reed.

i was also creepy and got my friend to take a picture of our quads.

anyway, i was really looking forward to racing with jennie and i even have some pictures to prove of it.

(i labeled the important people.)

anyway, after the scratch race, jennie told me i made a nice move with three laps to go. after the points race, we chatted in the warmup circle for quite a while. and after the racing, she even got into the quad measuring party!


i thought we were so cool.

that is, until michael uploaded the fsa pictures to facebook, and i tried to tag jennie. but couldn't. because we weren't friends.

awaiting friend request? c'mon! i thought we were cool!

i went through the stages of grief.
denial: maybe she just doesn't facebook very often...and hasn't added people.
but then i see this.

anger: why is she friends with hanan and not me?!
bargaining: maybe if i just sent her a private message hello, she will add me, as it was just an oversight. no dice.
depression: a few sleepless nights.
acceptance: maybe she is just creeped out my the quad measuring.... or something.
so there we have it. i can still dare to dream, though.


Anonymous said...

i tried to be facebook friends with bethie, didn't get nowhere. that's a double standard.

Host Pay Per Head said...

that it is one thing that I don't like about Facebook. It is that you don't know why they don't accept you as a friend.