Monday, October 12, 2009


so the following conversation kind of makes you feel stupid...
me: well, i kinda got hit by a car on tuesday.
them: oh no, are you okay? what happened?
me: well, actually, i kind of hit the car.
them: oh... [with the dumbass look on them]
so maybe the car was backing out of a driveway...
or maybe the car was turning into a driveway...
or maybe the car was just sitting half in the driveway and the shoulder for quite awhile, and i neglected to notice the BIG RED TRUCK right in front of my face...

either way, i did not notice it and t-boned that baby.

so, yeah, the dumbass looks are totally justified in my opinion.

this experience taught me a couple of do nots, both as a motorist and biker.

DO NOT- for motorist:
-look at the dent in your car that bike made, when girl is crying hysterically on sidewalk.
-continue to tell the girl she is "okay" when she is crying hysterically and cannot talk.

DO NOT- for biker:
-change a flat tire and then break your CO2 cartridge, and then get the bright idea to still bike 5 more miles to work on a wobbly wheel, tire with 10psi, all whilst being uber-safe because you are still crying hysterically biking in four plus lanes of busy traffic.
-neglect to eat A LOT of food before going to the emergency room, because they will inevitably keep you there for 7 plus hours and not let you eat or drink, and then lot let you eat upon discharge because they might want you back the next day.

but you know what i did learn from the whole experience:
DO go to the ER with your single female roommate (not with a male), as i think it results not only in better care, but also i've determined the kaiser oakland ER is definitely the hotspot to pick up cute, sensitive medical professionals: dr boddle, dr davis, cute curly haired resident, dr amin, dr macy, sam the cute radiologist technician, that other cute radiologist technican, that other cute guy who took a little too much blood and had trouble finding my vein. jesus christ. maybe it was because i was feeling helpless or hit my head or something...but why aren't there more craigslist missed connections from the ER!?!?

fucking HIPAA.

[note to those concerned: no worries, i am okay. nothing wrong with me at all! ride on, baby.]


Merkeley Bike said...

i am okay. nothing wrong with me at all! - Now there's a bold statement :).

Glad you're ok.

dr-nitro said...

Oh, it is only an HIPPA issue of dr. boddle looks through your records to get your phone number. You can download and search the NPPES if you more info on Sam the cute radiologist.

zanne said...

ooh. this happened to me while running once. A car and I sort of hit each other - same thing about hovering in the driveway (except it was an alley) or something. I slid over the hood and onto the pavement in front of the car.

I almost kept running - (after I got up & knocked on his window to talk to him about hitting me) cause he didn't even get out to see if I dented his hood or anything - I figured my adrenaline would make for a fast run, but I went home & cried instead.

Glad you're ok - it's scary! I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't quite sure whether or not they got hit or did the hitting. Thought you might like to know you're not the only one too.

chr15 said...

What about the bike?