Monday, January 12, 2009

less bell, more steering

so i should have listened to the crappy palm reader in ohio: you need more vitamin c. of course it is early january and i have a cold. i expect about 5 more in the next 2.5 months, cause that is usually how i like to spend the early part of the year: slutting around from cold to cold.

this of course begs the question of why did i go to a palm reader in ohio, when there are far more psychics per capita in the greater oakland and berkely vincinity. to which all i can respond is: touche.

i will blame it on being bored. you now how it is: you are at the coffee shop drinking weak ass ohio coffee...and you are thoroughly depressed reflecting on how life in ohio is so depressing after just hearing a bunch of sad stories... and in walks the palm reader doing ten dollar readings, and that seems like a good way to spend a half an hour...

perhaps the quality of the palm reading would have been a bit better in the bay area, but i did learn a few things about myself:
  1. i have a good spirit.
  2. i will have a long life
  3. i have a lots of acquaitances, but very few close friends
  4. i am very happy in my job and home life
  5. i like to help people
  6. i am extremely intelligent and analytical, sometimes to the point of over analysis
  7. in spring (probably march) 2010 i am going to find the love of my life.
  8. i will have two children.
  9. in may of this year i will move.
  10. and, let's not forget, i need more vitamin c.
i realize this is my first post in 2009. and so i must tell you my quads have been very constant at 61.5cm.

my mom always tells me, what new years day is, is what the rest of my year is like. so i like to have little motos for my year, based on my january 1. well, actually i just started this in 2007, so i will review.
  • 2007: paying for mistakes of 2006. i got really wasted new years eve 2006 and was so hung over, i was still hung over on january 2nd and called off work.
  • 2008: doing better than everyone else. my roommates didn't like this year moto. but i wised up on new years eve of 2007 and awoke feeling excellent, when my roommates were not feeling excellent.
  • 2009: feeling like crap for no good reason. i had no reason to feel crappy, given my non-eventful new years. one can of Olympia beer, "it's the water" could certainly not have such an affect on someone. so, perhaps i could also call it: 2009: it's all in your head. i did go on a nice bike ride with karla later that afternoon and then made a feast of a dinner with her, where we came up with some extensive genius ideas revolving around finer things. so i could call it: 2009: realizing my inner genius. but then i went home and checked my email and got some blast from the past new years day confessional, which almost ruined my otherwise nice bike ride and dinner. but, given that it was new years day, and i didn't want this to be a precedent, i quickly hit "archive" and decided i would just avoid it all together. so, thus i could call the year: 2009: flushing the toilet when old shit gets stirred up. as you can tell, january 1, 2009 truly went through the gammit of themes. for now, i am going to use a catch-all, that being: 2009: the 21st century on speed. but, of course, the verdict is still out.
i have lots of posts to catch up on. i realize this is my first blog of 2009. and now that i am getting started writing this post, i realize i have already filled too much of the page and still haven't gotten to any of main stories that i meant to hit. and so, i realize i cannot cover it all in one blog. so, here is a quick list of fun near-future blog posts.
  1. curves denim, not quite keirin cut. (this blog post will discuss how i went to curves with my mom when i was home in ohio and my experience in a curves class. it will also discuss how curves makes its own jeans. lastly, the post will conclude with a story of how i bonked during my last day of savage revenge)
  2. the finer things. i will write about dinner with karla and discuss our fun plan for 2009.
  3. maybe it's maybelline. (this blog post will detail how i got a new bike and then fred and i probably broke it by getting something stuck in the internal cable routing. it will then detail all the creative tools we used trying to get it out)
  4. random fun facts (this blog post will probably not get written, because other things will likely come up before i get to it. but if nothing happens in the next 3 weeks, i will include some fun-facts of january, which may or may not include some buck hunting fun, getting my ass kicked royally riding with some roaring mouse guys & karla, and my extreme envy of pete billington's shoes.)
and, just because i haven't really written about biking at all, i am going to display a picture of my neices on their first bikes. i think they are both ready to be velogirls, considering how much they like pink. that, or they are ready for that cinderalla ride, with those tutus. (and just so you all know, if i have two kids like psychic said, i am totally going to make them butch.)

and just to bring it back to the title of the post, which i did not so skillfully weave in at all... less bell, more steering.


karla said...

Oh lovely. Way to start off 2009 with a solid and intelligent analysis. (just what the psychic called for!)

Thank you for starting off 2009 right with me!! said...

now i'll have that mantra in my head all day long ... 'less bell, more steering'

thanks for that...

Bandobras said...

A great thing to remember in every phase of life except perhaps rock music which can never have too much cowbell

CyclistRick said...

So will blog post #2, the plans concocted with Karla, include the revelation that she got the 'sponsor' you were looking for so diligently in 2008?

And how does the timing of #7 and #8 on the list of palm reader prediction play out? #9 happens this spring, so will #8 happen between #9 and #7? Or is the order irrelevant in the true chronology?

Perhaps in a few years you can release a tribute CD for your niece named 'More Steering' or 'Less Bell', following the Neil Young 'More Barn' model ;-)

pedro said...

well done!