Thursday, October 28, 2010

dear keirin cut robbers

dear outlier tailored performance:

hello keirin cut robbers. let me introduce myself. my name is beth bikes! beth newell to my close family and friends, but you can call me beth bikes! because i do not like you. but you must already know my name because you stole my idea from me.

i recently was informed by one of my loyal bloggers of this!

did you ask for the right to use my totally awesome name???


why didn't you ask?! because you know there would no one in hell that i would grant you access to my awesome keirin cut name~ $188 pants? really?! are those NJS approved? i'd never be game for such brooklyn boutique bullshit!!

and lastly, they aren't jeans! we don't need pantalons. cotton stretches regardless. we want denim keirin cut. and your stupid model has skinny legs! can't you do anything right?!?!

it was much more easy to find your email address than michael ball's. and so i am going to publish it to everyone.


please send them an email. it can go something like this:

dear outlier tailored performance:

you stole beth bikes! idea for keirin cut jeans. and what did you give her? nothing! she should be rightfully compensated for her brilliance THAT YOU STOLE.


you name.

i am so mad i can't even blog anymore.


chr15 said...

Done. Twice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, I'm trying to figure out what you're angry about. Do you sell a similar product? I don't see a link to it anywhere.

Gilby said...

Hi Anonymous, do you see that neat "SEARCH THIS BLOG" Google widget to the right of your comment? Try typing "keirin cut" in there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gilby. I had already searched google for "Beth Bikes Keirin Cut" and got results of her mentioning "Keirin Cut Jeans" but no evidence of an actual product. I'm still having trouble finding an actual product even on the blog search which makes it seem a bit ridiculous to assume that the people at Outlier stole her name. If I can't find something when I'm specifically looking for it, how do you just assume that they found something that they may not have even known existed?

Merkeley Bike said...

Funny, when I google Keirin Cut Beth's blog comes up with multiple entries (just above Outlier I might add).

Shoddy research before choosing a product name.

Eddie said...

So what you all are saying is that Beth owns the term "Keirin Cut" because of a product that doesn't exist? Please, correct me if I'm wrong and I'll delete this post but I wasn't able to find a link to Beth's actual product either. Who knows what the people at Outlier were thinking and whether they researched it, but even if they did and found this blog, does that mean that they can't call a physical product that they've produced "Keirin cut" because Beth thought up an idea a couple years ago but never executed it?

Anonymous said...


Exactly. You miss the huge tongue in cheek outrage aspect of this. Smile and then reread!

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