Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i'm famous... again

what can i say, it feels great to be on the front of another poster! although, i don't think these are printed up on the big paper with poster board, like those sweet alpenrose posters.

(that's me in front- that's right bitches, i do take a pull when the cameraman is around)

i took 8 of them. the alpenrose posters, that is. i plan to put them all across my cubicle subway style. mostly, cause my face is really gross looking in that poster, and it will scare people away from desk.

those posters were stored for a long time in portland, brought up to seattle in a jam-packed car, brought down to san jose. and now are (hopefully) waiting for me in someone's bike locker. i will be very sad if i lost those posters, considering i told everyone about them-- including mccook.

and you know what mccook said to me when i tried to tell him how famous i was? that they mentioned his name on versus during the TdF coverage. whatever. posters are forever.

next up: a tale of three is cities (in installments). that's right-- beth bikes! is back, baby!


karla said...

you're back baby! Hooray! Can I have one of your posters? And will you autograph it?

alicat said...

better than Karla, i want a poster to hang in my classroom. i have a huge wall of bike stuff up there you will have insta-fame amongst the entire middle school population of berkeley. mccook gots nothing on that!

Jen said...

Cookies been in movies! Till I see you on DVD you are still small potatoes.

Hernando said...

pornos don't count.

and revised poster - switch out for accuracy!

Jen said...

it was bike porn - Danny has a copy of it

chr15 said...

Great work on getting your face on the poster!