Tuesday, June 02, 2009

do you ever wonder what motivates larry nolan?

we all know this face:

the open-mouthed, head-clocked to the side, pain face of larry nolan.

the question, is: do you ever wonder what motivates him? do you wonder what it is he listens to on his ipod to get into the zone?  or what little song he is singing to himself when he is hammering with his mouth open?

for those of us at the points racing tuesday, i think we found out.  

larry had quite an ...eclectic.... mix of music playing over the speakers.  and the two that summed up larry's pump up mix were:

#1. the theme song to the lion king

that's right-- just picture the beautiful scenery in that disney classic.  animals in the jungle, the panning out on the desert, and then-- boom, the music: AYYYYYYYYYYYYY  KEEEBEEEEENYAHHHHHHHHHH, BADAAAA  EEEEEEESSSSEEEEMMMMMOOOOOOOO.. [backround: bennnnn yay....ayyy ooo]  {repeat}  AYYYY   KEEEEBEEENYAHHHH,  BADAAAAEEESEEEE(a bit higher pitched here)EMMMOOOO, [background: Bennnyaayyyy oooooo]  enter: drum beats.  start chant:  ingeeeyammmma, ingeee ingeee anmmmma,  ingeeeyammma igeee ingeee ammaaa. 

of course, then the elton john chorus starts, but i like to think it is this dramatic opening act that the nolanator likes best.

#2. the electric slide

yes, i did say the electric slide.  can't see the nolanator doing the boooogiie wooogie woogie down?  well, to be honest, i can't quite picture it either.  but he must dig it, cause he didn't even have the traditional wedding song electric slide compilation on his pump-up mix.  it was definitely a cover or a toned-down, less twangy remix, or something of that nature.  and when you have that much love to find an off-the-beaten path musical compilation of "the electric slide"-- you know that someone must really love him some line dancing.

well, as for the actual points races-- i was just looking to get in a good workout, which i did.  i didn't really go for any sprints, except for the very last one of the last race...cause i figured, what the heck.  actually, some dude was just really pissing me off during the race, and i just wanted to dust him-- so i kinda accidently got a point on the last lap....  which moved me from an "and also" in the results to actually being on the score board with one point.  other than that, i followed some good attacks and made a good bridge or two, but nothing quite notable about my racing.

what was notable was my drive home.  i pulled some questionable passing maneuvers, but set a personal best on the "hellyer to home" drive, clocking 42 minutes.  that is bad ass.  trust me.


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the drive home! Mateo and I set a record for "stop for gas and food and hit the road". Somehow it's faster without Nole! ;-)

Ted V. said...

In the immortal words of Jean Girard "Hakuna Matata, bitches!"

Team BN said...

Please see Facebook for my comments concerning this blog post.

Lar said...

I confess, my musical taste is all over the board. Glad that you liked these hearty tunes. Recognize any themes in what was aired last night?

Feel No Pain Sade 6/2/2009 21:30
Pain in My Heart The Rolling Stones 6/2/2009 21:25
Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get The Dramatics 6/2/2009 21:22
Summer Days Bob Dylan 6/2/2009 21:19
Summers End Craig Chaquico 6/2/2009 21:14
Summer Breeze (Live) The Isley Brothers 6/2/2009 21:09
Tequila The Champs 6/2/2009 21:00
Circles Pete Townshend 6/2/2009 20:58
Shout The Isley Brothers 6/2/2009 20:56
Wipeout The Surfaris 6/2/2009 20:51
Private Number Judy Clay & William Bell 6/2/2009 20:49
It's A New Day James Brown 6/2/2009 20:46
You Don't Know Like I Know Sam & Dave 6/2/2009 20:43
Summer Rain U2 6/2/2009 20:40
Summer War 6/2/2009 20:36
Hot Fun In The Summertime Sly & The Family Stone 6/2/2009 20:29
Tramp Otis Redding & Carla Thomas 6/2/2009 20:27
Who's Making Love Johnnie Taylor 6/2/2009 20:24
King Of Pain The Police 6/2/2009 20:17
Circle Of Life Carmen Twillie & Lebo M. 6/2/2009 20:12
Summer Song Joe Satriani 6/2/2009 20:08
What A Man Linda Lyndell 6/2/2009 20:00
I Got A Sure Thing Ollie & The Nightingales 6/2/2009 19:57
Summer Breeze (1972) Seals & Crofts 6/2/2009 19:54
Sun Goddess (Live) Earth Wind & Fire 6/2/2009 19:51
I'll Take You There The Staple Singers 6/2/2009 19:43
Your Good Thing (Is About To End) Mable John 6/2/2009 19:40
Party Dis 'N' Dat 6/2/2009 19:37
Sun Oh Son War 6/2/2009 19:33
Never Can Say Goodbye Isaac Hayes 6/2/2009 19:29
My Sharona The Knack 6/2/2009 19:26
Gettin' Jiggy Wit It Will Smith 6/2/2009 19:21
Pain Ohio Players 6/2/2009 19:17
Woman To Woman Shirley Brown 6/2/2009 19:11
Summertime Blues The Who 6/2/2009 19:07
Summer's Almost Gone The Doors 6/2/2009 19:00
You Can Make It If You Try Sly & The Family Stone 6/2/2009 18:56
Summer Romance The Rolling Stones 6/2/2009 18:53
In The Rain The Dramatics 6/2/2009 18:49
Ffun Con Funk Shun 6/2/2009 18:46

karla said...

Dammit, I can't believe I missed that. I didn't realize there was such a scintillating array of musical entertainment to be had on Tuesdays.

Jen said...

so bummed we missed it! Damn it!

word verification = conan
woohoo for barbarians!

dylan said...

My first Tuesday this year, I thought we'd gone back to WKRP.

Last night was sweet with the all the funk during the first races...then Larry got the Simpsons song "When I was 17, I drank a very good beer...." stuck in my head.

Well played, sir.