Friday, May 29, 2009


do you ever feel cheated? when you take the orange juice out of the refrigerator and all that pours out is a measly half inch of crappy pulp.

...or like when you find out your post-college boyfriend is cheating on you with a freshman.

...or like when you carry the trash down to the garage, only to find that your trash can is full from your neighbor and you have get your hands all nasty questionably squeezing things in.

i could go on-- obviously.  

but you know what i feel cheated about this week?  my quads.  i measured and they are at a pathetic 59cm.  what gives?

do you know what i've been doing to my quads lately? i have been squatting massing amounts of weights, i have been deadlifting like 165 pounds, i've been jumping up on boxes 38 inches high.  all this, and my quads are 59cm?!

totally bogus.


Flandria said... are have quad obsession!

what is your goal size or are you just maintaining the 60+ cms...

ant1 said...

A midget once told me size isn't everything.

How'd you do last weekend again?

Jen said...

Geesh -I think Harper's are bigger than yours.

beth said...

ant1- scroll down!

Merkeley Bike said...

Good thing you're a bike racer and not a quad builder.