Wednesday, April 15, 2009

studley, it's ON.

wednesday nights are back, baby!  god, am i SO happy track racing is starting.  road is so...... i dunno..... boring.

at my first road race this year everyone is all like: "oh wow, you are going to do a *road* race-- well, good luck" -- as if i was incapable of riding 50 miles.  no, i'm not incapable. road races are just *boring*.  thank god all that road mumbo jumbo is over, now, and the real racing season begins!

so because i placed 5th in the scratch race, that meant i got to do the combined A/B points race for 40 laps (instead of the combined B/C race for 20 laps).  

so i informed studley of this and told him: "nole! we are racing together again!  remember that time i beat you in an omnium?"  this was when we had both first started racing.  it was my 3rd track race ever, and his 1st.  i like to remind nole of this every now and again, to keep it real.
let's review that night: july 18, 2007

i beat nole in the omnium... two scratch races and the combined B/C points race.  he beat me in the miss n out.
but this time, i got some more details from nole on how he remembers the evening.

"beth, you know what i remember the most about that race?  it was the last sprint and someone comes around me in the last straight away and i think: 'daaaaamn, that's a big ass' as i was getting passed... and then i realized it was a chick."

i gave myself a side stitch from laughing so hard on this one.  studley thinks i have a big ass.

so we line up for the 40 laps points race and in the roll out i am up front and nole starts heckling me... "beth enjoy it up there in front, cause this will be the last time you see it."  and then after about 5 laps he starts heckling me again about my big ass.  man, it's so on.

i am sad to report that studley beat me in that points race.  (but i did beat kieran.)

next time, gadget. next time.


velogirl said...

all that matters is that you beat Keiran.

beth said...

well, it doesn't really count cause he pulled out of the race, but i only like to tell half-truths in my blog posts.