Friday, March 20, 2009

oof & AVC HYPE!

so last night's RIDE THE WORLDS -- the send-off race for shelley olds and daniel holloway world championships -- was a bit of a shocker to the system. road racing with the cat4 women has been so, oh i don't know... civilized. i definitely forgot what it was like to really experience pain.

perhaps that is also because i got stuck at work late and didn't get to warmup at all. as much as i wish it wasn't true- yes, warming up is important. so the night was kind of like this.... ride as hard as you can for 10 minutes. stop. then do it again. then i got to watch the madison!

like i said, the racing was a shock to my system, so i have nothing to say, except i didn't crash. this is actually worth noting, cause somewhere around lap 15 or so i banging handlebars pretty hard with someone between turn 3&4 and got knocked off the track. for a brief moment my front wheel had no contact with the tarmac and was turned at a not so stable angle. it all seemed kind of slow-mo, and i remember thinking *oh shit, i'm totally crashing!* but then something miraculous happened and somehow kept it up. in all honesty, i would have bet against myself in that situation, so i was pretty pumped when i found myself moving back on the track. so much so that i wanted to pump my fist in air celebrating...but it was a race, so i couldn't exactly do that. in summation of the night:


being on the track got me quite excited for the season.... and mostly excited for AVC!!! it is june 26&27-- so mark your calendars.
Elite Men: $6,600
Elite Women: $5,400
Masters: $1,400
Madison: $1,000
Total: $14,400
what is totally awesome is they have made the women & men's prize purses equal this year! i think this is going to result in a very competitive women's field! can't wait! my small apartment is open to any and all of you.

concept cyclery in morgan hill put up $1,000 to the women's points race winner. this is a fairly new shop that opened maybe a year or two ago. it specializes in women's cycling. they do all sorts of cool stuff like lead women's rides and do classes/workshops for women to learn about their bikes. i met one of the shop owners before she opened the shop 2 years ago, and she was really excited to open the place and had a real passion to make cycling more accessible to women. so thanks so much concept cyclery for the really cool shop and such an awesome sponsorship-- which is really amazing, especially in the tough economic climate. thank you.

anyway, be sure to mark your calendars for june 26&27! and here is a little you tube to get you jazzed about AVC this year! woooooo!

Concept Cyclery to Sponsor Women’s Points Race at AVC

The American Velodrome Challenge, June 26th and 27th announces that Concept Cyclery, Morgan Hill, is proudly sponsoring the Women’s Points Race enabling equal prize list as the men’s with $1000 cash to the winner. Shelley Olds was excited, stating, "I wouldn't miss racing at my hometown track for the AVC. It is the best track racing we have in the United States. I will be looking to defend my points race title from last year."

Bruce Hollibaugh, Concept Cyclery’s owner said “sponsoring the AVC helps our community prosper and sponsoring the Women Points Race aligns with our many successful women customers.” Let Amy and Elliott with their Nordstrom like service help you to embrace the bike.

Concept Cyclery is located at 1295 E Dunne Ave, Morgan Hill, CA 95037


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