Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hate mail

so i have been getting hate mail.  actually, really just two nasty one liners, something along the lines of "why aren't you updating your blog?"  which, i guess isn't really hate mail, but probably fan mail.  

however, the disparaging comments in person have been much worse.  i can't believe that many people have started talking shit to me about me not writing.  i am glad my shitty commentary fills a need in people's morning routines.  

and that is the thing: i don't have much shitty commentary.  well, that is false: i have a lot of shitty commentary.  but there is kind of a difference between shitty commentary, and, well, shit-tay commentary.  i couldn't really tell you if the former or later is better, but whichever one it is, i don't have it.  

like someone told me, it isn't because a lack of material.  let me summarize my possible blog posts which i could have written full length stories about, but didn't, just because i can't think of anything worthy of writing about:

merco foothills road race report:

we rolled around at 2mph for a long time.  i guess i forgot where the finish was and suddenly saw the 200m to go sign.  another cat 4's race report read: "a was on this beth girls wheel, cause i thought she was a track sprinter, but i guess not."  whatever.

menlo park grand prix race report:  

welliver and i had fans.  there actually was a "team beth" sign.  we won primes, and we came in 2nd and 3rd.  people will like to try and tell you i won the race, but that is utterly false, as i did not cross the line first, and thus did not win any race.  but i did win some fat check, of which there is a very horrific picture of me holding, which i will not post, as i don't need anymore glamour shots floating around me on the internet.  thanks lauren. regardless, i believe my friend grey summed it up: "newell won a cat4 crit?  *yawn*"  after that race, i opted to try the men's 4 crit of which i totally popped off that pack embarrassingly quick.  yet i continued to ride around like a nitwit, cause i figured it was going to be good practice for the time trial...of which, i don't think it mattered.   

madera stage race report:

welliver and i were going to make team beth official.  so we did that in two ways: i dressed up like a bella for a weekend. and steve anderson made us "team beth" decals for our bikes-- so we looked totally bitchin' awesome.  so beth & i each won a time bonus preme, so that was cool.  a girl broke away and stayed away the last lap, and i had absolutely no pop in my legs for the sprint, but thankfully hung on for 3rd in it.  the time trial, well, welliver and i were most definitely the bastions of positive thinking before it.  bjm told me the following proceeding the TT: it is just like a 200m.  after i totally sucked balls at the TT and i informed it was NOT like a 200m, he responded with: "I don't know, I averaged 12.8 200s for the whole thing..."  at that moment, i decided my season goal was to beat BJM for 200m of his entire 10k time trial.  

that evening, the welliver's instilled some super secret airforce army recovery tricks.  so i felt great the next day.  unfortunately, i talked welliver into getting an omelette before the road race, which made her ill.  i don't have much to say about the road race, other than i was the total champion because i pretty much single handily pulled back a break.  welliver had yet to get salmonella, so it all was for a good cause.  the end was alright, a couple girls got up the road a bit, and i hung on for 5th.  

the next day, monday, i jumped 35.5 inches.  i rounded up to 36", cause i like to cheat myself.  i proceeded to talk shit in an email to some of the track boys.  because talking shit is about all i am good at.

and so, i have luckily filled up a whole blog post... of lots of crappy race reports.  however, perhaps writing just a little bit will give me a bit of momentum to keep it going tomorrow, when we RIDE THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! 

oh, yes, hate mail.  well this is fan mail, but i thought i would share, as this person did ask a question:

Hey Beth,
I really like your blogspot; very inspirational and humorous.  I have been road biking for a long time, and just started competitively.  i am ridiculously lean, and was wondering what strategies you use as a cyclist for growing your stems.  As a quad enthusiast, i was hoping you'd let me know.  Many thanks!
and my response:
dear nick,

since you have been riding bikes a long time, you probably know that if you want a larger stem, you probably need to get a bike with a shorter top tube.




teamwelliver said...

He really said "as a quad enthusiast"? Haha, I almost spit my coffee out.

CyclistRick said...

You know I love the Bellas ... but you in a kit that has some pink in it? I thought that was against your moral code. ;-)

What, no status update on keirin-cut? Have you started a bidding war between RR and Hincapie for the rights? Inquiring minds ...

velogirl said...

fan mail here -- thank you for racing @ Menlo Park. Team Beth definitely livened up the race.


Twinkie said...

so, have you and nick gone out on a stem shopping date yet? hey nick, as far as i know beth's tax filing status is single to be swept off her quads.