Friday, March 06, 2009

exclusive interview-- lindsay myers

Lindsay Myers grew up in the “Mule Capital of the World,” and currently attends college in Napa, where she will shortly become a drop-out. She currently races for the Sugar CRM team and will shortly leave the country to gallivant around France racing her bicycle with the US National Women’s Development Team.

BB: Hello LindsAy. Thanks for doing an interview with beth bikes! I tried google stalking you to get some material for this interview, but unfortunately your name – “lindsay myers” -- is fairly common, so I couldn’t come up with any dirt. Apologies for going into this cold. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your background? Where did you grow up? How did you end up in the bay area?

LM: The majority of my growing up years were spent in Bishop, CA. When I was in high school my parents moved to Chico. So I've always been in California. The last couple years I've been in Napa going to college.

BB: For a college student, you are a slow typer. So what are you studying? What year are you in school?

LM: Haha, instant messaging was all the rage in Jr. High. That's where I learned to type....apparently not fast enough for you, though.

BB: It is okay. I have high standards.

LM: I am a sophomore in school. I'm considering talking to the academic dean and seeing if I can work on getting a degree in bike racing. I'll let you know how it goes.

BB: That is awesome. You must go to one of those liberal arts schools; they you do anything there. So speaking of bike racing, how did you get into that?

LM: I remember mountain biking down Mammoth Mountain when I probably five, so I've always ridden a bike. I started riding on the road more in high school when my Dad bought me a road bike.

BB: So when did you start the racing thing?

LM: Last year.

BB: You lie.

LM: I do not lie. I did Challenge Road Race in 2007. (That was in September) That was my first race.

BB: What was that like for you? What do you most remember about your first racing experience?

LM: In line with a lot of the Velo Promo races, it was kinda of in the middle of nowhere. I got uber lost on the way out there, barely making my start time. There were four women in the cat 4 field I think. I won the 4's category and was feeling pretty good about myself. Looking back on it, when I was up against four other women, it probably wasn't that much of an accomplishment.

BB: What did your t-shirt look like? And when did you last wear it?

LM: Well it was EXTRA LARGE. Can't remember what it looks like because it hasn't been seen since I was unpacking from the race. But I do appreciate the shirts...thanks VP.

BB: So what was your most memorable road race your first year racing (in 2008)?

LM: The circuit race at Cascade. I'm going to count the circuit as a road race if you don't mind.

BB: Of course. Anything you like. This is your interview! (And, anyway, anything longer than 20 minutes is a road race to me).

So the Cascade circuit race was a race with all the pros and stuff in Bend, Oregon. That was your first race with all the famous people. What was most memorable thing about it?

LM: I almost dropped out on the first lap but stuck it out and was in the final sprint. Most memorable because it REALLY HURT.

BB: Bike racing sometimes involves a pain you wish you could forget. So let's talk about your team, Sugar CRM. The question I really have is: what is your fat salary?

LM: I get some pretty sweet "action wipes". It's enough for me. You should try them.

BB: Whoa. Awesome. What is an "action wipe" exactly?

LM: Baby wipes for cyclists.

BB: Ahh. I was kinda hoping for something juicy. So tell me a bit about your teammates. I do know some of them. Do YOU think they are they crazy? And was there any hazing involved at team camp?

LM: I think MaryEllen is the most crazy. I stayed at her house during training camp and she told me all about how Canadians are better than everybody else.

No hazing at camp. Just eating. A LOT of eating.

BB: So no doing shots and then running outside in your sports bras and bibs, doing a cyclocross mount, bunny hopping some of the cat 4s, and then ending in a bike throw? That is too bad. That is how I would run a team camp.

LM: They try not to advocate under aged drinking.

BB: Oh yes, under age drinking. How old are you?

LM: 19

BB: 19 19, or racing age 19?

LM: 19, racing age 20.

BB: So, are you looking for people to buy you alcohol? I bet I can find a few older readers from Napa who read this thing who could buy you some Mad Dog 20/20.

LM: Nah, I'm good on the alcohol situation. I have plenty stored up from winning some races. But it's STORED. Of course.

BB: Of course! So back to team camp. Your DS is Liza Rachetto. Was she cracking the whip at team camp?

LM: chop chop. We couldn't hang at the coffee shop too long. Then she got in the car and followed us while we did lead outs.

BB: Ouch. Did she also give you bottles from the car? Have you gotten to practice all that team car stuff? Or will that all be new to you in Europe?

LM: No bottles. We got some chocolate soy milk after though.

BB: So talk to me a little about Europe and how that transpired? What races will you be doing, who will you be racing with, where will you be living, etc.

LM: Liza told me about a trip Jim Miller was putting together. I applied for it, didn't expect to get to go, but it worked out! So I'm going to be a college drop out...I leave for Europe in April. I'll start up school in fall again though. Most of the races will be in France. I just got the list of races and only one of them is outside of France. I'll be racing with five other women who are in the same program. We'll be living in Limoux.

BB: Awesome! So how is your French?

LM: I don't know enough French to say "none"

BB: “Pas du tout.”

So let’s try this one. What if someone says this to you: “vooo lay vooo kooo shay ay vek mwah, si swaaah?”

LM: I'll take you as my translator

BB: Excellent. So do you know any of the other women going? Who is going to be your roommate?

LM: Jerika Hutchinson and Allison Starnes are both from Norcal. I actually get MY OWN ROOM!!!

BB: Does that mean no US Development Team pillow fights?

LM: Roommates aren't required for pillow fights. There will be pillow fights.

BB: We expect you to win. So let's hear a little bit about your personal life. Some fools once told me that my blog should be a dating service for 45 year old men from Silicon Valley and women half their age. I think this is because they were too cheap for E-Harmony. But, in the interest of my my readers: Are you single?

LM: I am single. 45 might be too old though. I'd have to consider it. Maybe if it came with some sponsorship.

BB: Of course. A cute button like yourself should at least get a Dura Ace groupo, in addition to flowers and a free dinner on a first date. But, in all seriousness, don't worry about those masters men. I will personally slander any of them if they try to mess with you.

LM: Great. Thank you.

BB: Of course. So, what was your prom dress like last year?

LM: You're assuming I went to prom. That would require wearing a froofy dress. I feel a little more comfortable in a chamois.

BB: So talking about chamois, let me ask you about your favorite team kit, other than Sugar CRMs.

LM: That's tough. VAC was good last year. I think they've got a little pink going this year though. I'd say Tibco looks good.

BB: So Lindsay, a part of beth bikes! is I like to measure my quads every week. Do you have a tape measure handy? What do your quads measure?

LM: How big of quads determine thunder thighs? Just a minute, I'll measure. 50 cm. What do you think? Can I make it as a bike racer? From your professional quad measurer opinion?

BB: I think I should be taking advice from you. And I am glad you are a roadie.

BB: So you will be at the Menlo Park Grand Prix this Sunday, correct? For all of my money bags 45-year old male readers, what do you think the perfect pre-race nutrition?

LM: Grape Nuts. Every time.

BB: And by Grape Nuts, you really mean….double chocolate chip brownies with fudge icing?

LM: Yeah. It's basically the same.

BB: [bake sale, nudge, nudge….] So those brownies.... or Grandma Myers's fruit nut bars.....or the funfetti cupcakes… those will insure a podium spot, right?

LM: Of course. People are being really nice making baked goods to sell. I can't believe how supportive people are being and helping out.

BB: What would you suggest to readers as the perfect recovery after their crit on Sunday?

LM: I'm becoming partial to chocolate soymilk that Liza always has.

BB: Chocolate soy milk AND the lemon bars at your bake sale table, right?

LM: Of course.

BB: Everything being sold will be the perfect 3:1 carbs to protein ratio for recovery, correct?

LM: Yeah, no one should worry about bringing any food. We've got you covered.

BB: Well, Lindsay, on behalf of the Norcal computer dork bloggers, we are all very excited for your trip to Europe and can't wait to get fat eating baked goods on your behalf. Is there anything else you would like to share or tell readers today?

LM: Ya'll are pretty nice for being supportive of bike racing and helping me out. I really appreciate it. Race hard on Sunday so you don't feel bad about eating all the very chocolatey fattening SUGARy foods. (I also think there will be some trail mix and energy bars. for anybody who's interested.)

BB: Well, thank you again, Lindsay, for supporting alternative media and choosing beth bikes! as your first interview, instead of something cliché like Cyclingnews.

Beth Newell is an interviewer, Keirin Cut campaign manager, playwright, stupid anecdote storyteller, and otherwise amateur blogger. She also rides bikes sometimes, but preferably one with only one gear cause she is a bad shifter. Her quads are 60.75cm as of March 5, 2009.


Alden said...

Great interview, Beth. Lovely, friendly gal, that Lindsay. Had the pleasure of getting to chat with her a bit at the Early Bird crit back in January. Real down to earth - she'll go far.

velogirl said...

Alden chats will all the young pretty girls.

Beth and Lindsay! you both rock. fun reads and I look forward to seeing both of you on Sunday in Menlo Park.

CyclistRick said...

Great interview again Beth. So funny you pulling out that line from the old song, voulez vous ....

I had the privilege of driving the follow car behind the W3 at Kern last year and got to see not only how strong and smart Lindsay is as a racer but also that she is a real class act.

Even though I will not be racing Sunday (still not healed sufficiently) I will be there and will make sure to get some good baked goods to help fuel my own recovery :-)

anthony said...

Still waiting for your race report from Merco...

beth said...

Merco Race Report:
We rolled around really slow. I didn't anticipate the finish soon enough and was too far back to sprint. I went home not tired and not having sprunt, sprinted, whatever. The next day I pumped a lot of iron as punishment.

karla said...

Hooray! Lindsay is a rockstar. And Beth your interviews are WAY better than cyclingnews. You need to hire me as your copy editor though.

My favorite part is when you describe Lindsay as "a cute button". Hahaha, I'm going to make that one stick.

twinkiepatissier said...

Word of the day: froofy

I always thought it was "floofy" as in poof-n-fluff. But there IS an urban dictionary entry for "froofy." This is a lallation-proof ESL friendly term. Thanks LM.

Alice said...

Beth, your post has been posted...
if you haven't already seen it!
The wider audience, the better.

Holly Roberts said...

Holy crap, that was funny. Vooo lay vooo kooo shay... I had to read it after talking to you all about it today.
A good baked items tip: while monkey bread (eee!) is really good, it does NOT make good pre-race food. Oof... But it sure sold well. It was GONE later!

Yokota Fritz said...

Great interview.

And that reminds me: I still have those bake sale COOKIES in my bag from the Lindsay fund raiser Sunday in Menlo Park.

Action Wipes said...

Lindsay, you know we're gonna make sure your suit case is full of Action Wipes!

Chico Cyclist said...

This was a GREAT interview - way to go Lindsay!!! And Beth!!!!!