Monday, March 31, 2008

breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions

well, the breakfast part is a lie. saturday morning, i did have a plain bagel with cream cheese. that was at 7:45am. it was such a busy day of running here and there-- from home, to run a bunch of errands to pick up breakfast for meeting, to work, to meeting, to computer lab, back to meeting, blah blah blah, to my house, got my bike ride in, back home, change, back to meeting all sweaty, to BevMo to buy a keg for the next day bbq..... and while in line for the keg i was hungry cause i didn't really eat since morning and saw my favorite potato chips. mmmmm kettle chips. it was about 4:30pm...and I had to meet my ride into SF in a half hour for the goldsprints-- so grabbed the chips, got the keg, unloaded it in my garage, and walked to carol's house eating lunch and dinner.

kettle chips are very yummy. potato chips are probably pretty good for athletes cause they have a lot of salt, which we need. and my nutritionist friend also told me potatoes have more potassium than bananas.
fact: One medium banana packs 450 mg. But potatoes actually top bananas in potassium content: a medium baked potato or 20 French fries have 750 mg.
i don't really know about potato chips per say, but let's just say i ate enough potato chips to fill my daily requirement time five. well, nothing like 1 bagel plus lots of potato chips says: i am ready to kick ass in goldsprints.

i was pretty tired waiting for lauren and morgan to come... so i lied down on the sidewalk. this is perfect prep for sprinting.

morgan drove lauren, carol, laura, and i into SF for the goldsprints. poor little mel got the flu, so she couldn't do the races. the team oakland ladies were nice enough to let me be on their team. lauren even gave me her old chamois and jersey...and my oh my...those are some niiiiiice chamois. thanks lauren!

well, i always seem to not dress for the occasion. at bike races, i don't have a team kit and wear some crap so people think i am a big fat looser. and then at goldsprint events, i put on the team kit and look like a big fat looser. i guess i can't get it straight. whatever. i have big quads. it doesn't matter what i wear. the point is, i can't get down when to flair and when not to flair. but i think i figured out the social norm, finally. flair at the goldsprints, not at the races.

this is lauren flaring with some cool socks.

and here is the hot chick in the bra. to tie in gold sprints, is worse than kissing your sister. it means chug a beer right after your sprint, then do another sprint.

and grey really got the flair down with this move. know what he told me? "that's right. i showed my tits. so glad that was captured for posterity's sake. see that, beth? you rode over 2 seconds faster than me, but i proved that if you show your tits you get your picture on the internet." sometimes i am jealous of grey. but now is not one of those times.

yeah, so i guess showing skin is how you get popular. i am little shy on stage and don't particularly like people looking at me. so that means i will continue to dress like a dork so expectations are low.

so, the event was a blast--shitload of people, lights, stages, yelling, tatooed dudes without shirts, girls with low cut shirts leaning waaaay into the bullhorns, beer chugging, and some crazy fast people. whoa.

here is ben, djing hard.

here is laura experiencing with a really awesome suffer face.

i think i am pretty stoic when i sprint and don't have a cool suffer face. that kinda helps lower the expectations of the crowd. except morgan's -- he was yeller supreme!

this is me and marissa clipping in. she had cute black getup that was a crowd pleaser for sure.

and the mens final. holy mother f-er-- that was fast. i didn't know people could break 19 seconds, let alone low 18 seconds. and see that little scrawny kid next to gio? he is very tiny and very fast. that should give some motivation to your little quad people, that there is still hope.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

quad thursday and other random crap

la la la. happy birthday to me. well yesterday. thank you for all the well wishes. (for instance, thank you to the boy wayne who i went to 2nd grade with, and is now my "facebook friend" who wished me happy birthday, and i haven't said much to since 2nd grade. the internet makes me feel all warm and fuzzy sometimes.) my horoscope for the year sounds promising. it said: "this will be a power year for you." i don't know what that means, but i love kicking ass.

of other highlights, check out this keirin video at hellyer from last week. unfortunately, the first race is the C race, the one i am in. i'd fast forward, cause it ain't so interesting. (unless you want to see my hot new skinsuit.) instead of the C race, it can also be called the "how not to do it" race. like me for instance-- miss the dude going over the top cause i am busy contemplating why the guy in front of me pulled up track when the moto pulled off. then lead out a bunch of dudes faster than me and get passed. genius! it's genetic. i suggest fast forwarding a few minutes in to see the big boys in the As do it- cause it looks way cooler.

lets see. quads. well, 60.5cm while that isn't much of a change, what this number doesn't report, is how that quad muscle on the outside of the knee has totally popped out several inches and is ready to eat your babies.

and of other exciting news- let's talk about the roller races on saturday night! 6pm sports basement, SF (1590 brannan-- SOMA). if you aren't racing, come watch. i see free food & beer on the poster. i don't know who all is racing-- but let me tell you, there is nothing quite as exhilarating as watching people spin 160+rpm several feet from where you are standing. and if you are racing, having a bunch of people scream in your face as you are spinning that fast is also quite a rush. i don't know the competition, but i am putting my $$$ on TEAM OAKLAND LADIES!!!!!!!!!! whether or not the fastest, they certainly will be the hottest. i mean, how couldn't team oakland ladies not be hottest with the likes of this one in the ranks??? (hi mel!)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

overpass challenge, losing the lead

i got word that yesterday shawn hatfield hit 196 at the polo fields. whoa!!!

so with a little number crunching....using my friday night 191 overpass challenge... that means if shawn and i did a flying 200m downhill in a 39x21-- he would only beat me by .6 seconds.....which is considerably better than the 1.8 seconds he is faster than me now. that also means, rick, that with 179, if we did a flying 200 in a tiny gear, i'd beat you by more than a second. sorry skinny quads........ this all means nothing, yet somehow fascinating.
for a review of the rules: on top of overpass, get in tiny gear (like 39x21) and spin down and fast as you can until your eyes are going to pop out and see how fast you can get your cadence. this is the overpass challenge.
take up the challenge!

Monday, March 24, 2008

a little friday sprints, a little saturday ominium

miss alicia was turning the big 2-8 friday. and cause she is so cool she organized a big sprint race at the port on friday evening. shit, man, alicia has a lot of friends. and all of them ride bikes. and if she has more friends who don't ride bikes, she should run for city council in her district, cause she already has the votes.

knowing what to wear to one of these things always troubles me. you don't want to look like a tool in the spandex all night. but i learned my lesson and don't mess around without my chamois anymore. so, i layered, jeans over shorts. bike shorts are kinda like boxer-briefs meets maxi-pad, ya?

on my way to the port, i thought it was a good time to show-off the over pass challenge. so people don't think i am lying. and new record high -- 191! that was with jean drag.

people drag raced all night. and alicia wanted me at the start i was totally that lame girl at the start who yelled "go," just like the preachers daughter in footloose who through her straw hat in the air. except i wasn't wearing short shorts and didn't have a straw hat to throw in the air... and people were drag racing bikes, not chicken fighting with tractors.

i got to race jay who rides cross, and jenny oh. whoa, some fast ladies. and some fast dudes too. like chicken legs (aka "al") in the picture below. shit, he was quick as anything!

it just goes to show you don't judge a book by its cover. when i first saw him, i thought: skinny boy: your quads are like 53cm, you are done for! then, out of nowhere, he was so fast. round after round, tearing it up. just flyin'! i, of all people, hate to say it, but, quads aren't everything. and speaking of quads, i am rockin' out at 60.25cm (a bit down) as of march 20th.

the sprints were fun to watch, but i have to say, my favorite part of the night was watching morgan and some other dude doing a 200m wheelie race. as in, they popped a wheelie-- and kept the front wheel off the ground and raced for 200m. it was so incredibly remarkable!

next day, headed to track. i got stuck at work late so had a 8 minute warm-up. no problem, first race is always a good warmup-- especially if it is the keirin. just take the moto, let it ramp you up, and take your lap and half flyer to get your legs warmed up, and hope it is enough to get you to the finals. lucky for me it was. then i had to race all the men in the finals. i figured it wasn't a good idea to take first position again, so i took second position. some guy tried to get it, but, i made my elbow stance real wide and he was chivalrous and all that and let the girl have it. THANKS. but that was all the chivalry i got the rest of the day. when moto pulled, guy in front pulled up track, as some other dude came down and had a huge gap. so there i was again, leading out again. leading out this race is funny cause for awhile coming into turn four before the finish you think: "i got it, all you suckers! i am so fast you can't even come around me...i'm totally gonna take it from the front, boo yah!" but just as you think that, a herd of dudes in spandex swarm around. thankfully, i held on for 5th in the heat of 8 people.

next was scratch race, which basically, let's just say i am not fast enough. the whole race is a blur at the moment, but all i recall in the last lap when there was an attack and i was hangin' on, sprinting my brains out, and then the sprint happened and i thought: "WTF?! i thought we already were sprinting. you're going faster?"

miss 'n out was next. this is totally my love/hate race. it makes me very anxious just thinking about it.... each lap it is the notmenotmenotmenotmenotme plea. thankfully, i made it lots and lots of laps. i spent lots of time in wind, maneuvering the long way around turn 3 and 4-- but that is why i didn't get boxed in. i got fourth, and got pinched out when i took the front position, and totally thought i had it at the line, then the rider next to me got real close, and i backed off a tiny bit in the sprint cause i was big sissy and got nervous with people sprinting so close. i need to man up! but, i was pretty happy with this race, cause i certainly wasn't the fourth fastest person, so that means i was at least riding smart. (smart-er...who are we kidding here!)

last was the points race. 15 laps points races suck. too short. three sprints. i knew i didn't have the top end, so had to go early. a lap and a quarter before sprint one, the field was lapping some folks, so i came over the top and attacked to get away and a gap. i thought this was enough to get first in the sprint, but some dude must be wicked fast, bridged up, and passed me at the line, so 2nd there. second sprint, i was a moron going into it, and didn't even try to go for it. third sprint, i knew i needed some points bad bad bad. one dude broke away, i caught up to him with 3 laps to go and hoped we could stay away and i could get some points, but then the pack caught us, and i was so gassed i just hobbled across the finish.

of note, let's talk about how tough amanda seigle is. to the right is a picture of amanda's ass on cyclingnews. that is from the visalia crit last weekend. where she was up front near that crash. i watched that clip of the race on the internet and the whole race looked so fast, and amanda was right there. with all the pros and stuff. if i had money to bet on her this year, i would. but i don't have money, and don't think there is a women's cycling pool in vegas. this weekend at the track, she went in the B race and crap-- that looked so fast and amanda was just maneuvering in and out of the pack and doing awesome. and then the miss 'n out and she was rockin' it hard, and got fourth in that stacked field. it was incredible. then for the points race, it was a combined A/B points race. aw shit, i was nervous for her. and people were dropping like flies, but not amanda. and yeah, 20 laps to go crash. and amanda just rolled into a ball and tumbled down quite gracefully, scraped up and bruised, but still in good humor. then the poor thing had to drive like 2-2.5 hours to sacramento by herself with a bum leg and ice pack rapped to her. point of this paragraph is: amanda seigle is tough and fast and looks hot with blood stains on her.

other fun things on the infield included:
  • kelly b. giving me pshhhhyah cause i wasn't 30 and can't be on her pursuit team for masters nats in san jose. she should be happy by that cause: a) i am slow, b) i don't have a cool helmet, c) i never used those aero bar thingies, d) while i like to pretend 36-spokes are like a disc wheel, i don't think that is true.
  • glen giving me a pop tart rapper that says: "wanna arm wrestle?" and peter retracting his comments about my crappy back.
  • and most importantly, the return of my sweet tan lines-- including my all-favorite glove tan line on the palm, which i like to refer to as: mark of the beast.
  • and-- lots of women!! amanda, kelly b, illeana, jenny oh, ali, this new girl ashley from roaring mouse, another woman from roaring mouse whose name i missed, and moi. that is eight! whoooo!
and that was the lovely day at the track saturday!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

step-by-step guide and play, scene 2

"how to pick up dudes, scene 2" - by beth newell

step 1- ride an orange bike
step 2- wear a used safeway jacket to look totally official
step 3- ride your bike in a desolate parking lot in west oakland at dusk

scene: beth finishes her workout, then goes to a parking lot in the port of oakland eerie industrial area to practice cornering. beth bikes around islands in parking lot, taking probably bad lines and turning in an awkward fashion. this clear skill is obviously very impressive. next, enter, white mini van. (either a plymouth voyager, or dodge caravan, dated 1988-1992. run down with "for sale $1300" painted on windows.) beth avoids minivan at first, going around islands, and continues with her business. minivan comes to a stop close to beth and sketchy man is seen in the window.

sketchy dude: rolling down window, hey excuse me.
beth: stops her bike and looks over at minivan. yeah?
sketchy dude: so what are you training for?
beth: uh... just some races coming up.
sketchy dude: where are they?
beth: san jose, i guess
sketchy dude: how far are the races.
beth: a bit perplexed and unsure how to answer this question, but not really wanting to explain the rules of the miss 'n out or track omniums..... i guess around 10 miles.
sketchy dude: oh, that is far!!
beth: ?!?!?!?!
sketchy dude: so are you married?
beth: ?!?!?!?! uh, no. [thought: for reals, was the segue?]
sketchy dude: so you are single?
beth: uh, yeah..... [thought: why didn't i lie? why didn't i lie?]
sketchy dude: can i get your number?
beth: in a nice, yet firm tone, i'm not really looking to date anyone right now. [thought: a lie, but i don't care.]
sketchy dude: i don't mean dating. i mean friends. i can talk to you on the phone.
beth: i'm sorry. mumble mumble.
sketchy dude: mumble, mumble. drives away.
beth: skeezed out, and decides cornering practice is done and goes home.

scene close.

theme: practicing cornering not only doesn't help, but it also brings with it men in white vans trying to pick you up.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

random wednesday

i won.

i woke up from a couple hour nap, after having eaten four chocolate covered coffee beans. my best friend always says sleeping after coffee is equivalent to winning. so i just won. so i ate some more coffee beans. seven more. maybe that means, i will get to sleep 3.5 hours now.

today is a weird day. this 30 hr/wk new job is an adjustment. mostly cause instead of actually only working 30 hrs a week, i somehow stay late and go in early the other four days, and probably round out at 38hrs anyway, with only getting paid for 30. non-profit needs more money, so they can up my hours...or give me less work...but really, i need more hours. or a hobby that pays for itself. or a boyfriend who will pay my rent. either will do.

anyway, i took such a long nap cause i didn't even sleep-in on my day off. me and the roomie went into SF for the "snake protest" early this morning during rush hour. whoa, five years of the war. this protest was pretty funny-- pretty small group of a couple hundred people. there was a little band in the march, known as the liberation marching band or something. the alto sax player had a really beautiful selmer 7 horn. i was eying that saxophone all morning. anyway, it was unsanctioned march, so that was pretty fun, not knowing where you were going and making circles around block. also, rules that apply to biking over trolly tracks, also apply to walking. don't get your foot stuck in them. yow! we weaved in and out of streets for awhile and as it was coming to a close someone asks me: "are you arrestable?" what a funny question to be asked at 9:30am. i replied, "no, i need to ride my bike later today." boy, if you ever sounded like a lame-o, for why you can't get arrested, i think that is the answer. i should have gotten arrested on my day off. then when the boss asks me what i did, i'd just say, "hung out at SFPD, holla!" i must say, protests in SF are so chill is weirds me out. the cops totally don't care. contrast this to the NYC protests where it is normal to get clubs shoved in your face and tear gassed-- I am still in awe at how relaxed it is. and that they let some unsanctioned march go on for a couple hours- unbelievable. the whole arresting was so chill too. it took them about 30 minutes to arrest probably only 10 people and they were carrying people's bags and letting them get things out of it. totally weird. i should have went to the SFPD today. i bet they would have given me some cookies or something. maybe thin mints.

well, so, i am guessing people want to know about my biking. let's see. i did that land park crit. pretty course, nice folks in the field. i couldn't believe how quick it was over. i guess that is what a 35min crit is like. kinda was a dumb shit the last lap and let myself get pushed back around those s-turn thingies and was way at the back of the pack going into the sprint. before the race, i said to myself: this is not a track bike. remember to shift in the sprint. except, i kinda started my sprint in like my 53x13-- which was not good for me, and i slowly slogged to the line from the back of the pack. oops. so it goes. lesson learned: don't be a dumbass. of coolness in that race, though, was christina yglesias -- the 16 yr old who came in second. she was killin' it all race, taking the primes and stuff. one fast girl! i've also seen her at the track, speedy! totally pumped to see her tear it up!

moi, losing a prime.

moi, doing crappy in the final sprint

but, for real, check out that hot skinsuit and arm warmers.

next day i went to hellyer for the sprint tourny. good times for sure. my 200 time was about what i had last year in august, so that is a good sign. also, knowing how to ride the right lines helps a bit too. the races themselves were a blast. i did 4, and all were really close. mostly with me losing by a foot or so. these dudes need to learn to be nicer to girls and let me win. geez, cut me a chromosome.... it looks like it'll be a fast year-- it was sweet watchin' matias and gio killin' it. and mel came out for her first track race and was lookin' sweet! yay mel! alicia and jenny, representing awesome as usual-- and jenny's new bike is totally hot. be sure to check out the "refrigerator finish" as she calls it. and illeana is gonna really tear it up this year. totally stoked for all the women down there!

well, that is it. maybe i am ready for my coffee bean nap number two....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

....and it wasn't even the quads........

"how to pick dudes up" - by beth newell
a step-by-step manual and play.
  • step one: put on a skirt
  • step two: wait on platform of bart. when train starts coming impatiently rock up and down on your toes or roll your ankles, effectively flexing your sick, muscular calves.
  • step three: half make eye contact with semi-questionable-cute boy on bart.
  • step four: don't make any effort to converse and leave at your destination stop
  • step five: walk to location to meet friends, who are not there yet. lean on bar, waiting for them to arrive
  • step six: semi-questionable-cute boy from bart will shortly arrive, cause who could stay away from those calves?! acknowledge his presence by avoiding eye contact.
  • step seven: wait at bar, waiting for bartender to serve you...but quite nonchalant, because you are really in no rush to drink, as your tolerance is one drink.
  • step eight: semi-questionable-cute boy from bart (from here on out, referred to as bart boy) will pick up on your clear signal, come to bar, make conversation, and buy your drink. (or in this case get a free drink for the both of you cause he knows the bartender) say thank you. feel obligated now to half attempt to make small talk. [see play below]

beth: so do you like living by the lake? blah blah blah. you had your bike with you ; do you bike a lot?
bart boy: uh, around town and stuff. i can tell by your calves that you bike a lot.
beth: [becomes uncomfortable at such a comment, yet also feels a sense of accomplishment that she picked someone up from her calf muscles....yet, despite such flattery, she is just skeezed out.] uh, yeah.
bart boy: blah blah blah blah. sit down here. blah blah blah
beth: yeah okay, but i am meeting my volunteering friends for a goodbye party, but they aren't here yet, but will be here shortly, so i need to keep my eye out.
bart boy: blah blah blah. well, i am an artist. blah blah blah. and that means i am blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah.
beth. yeah. [internal monologue: done....]
bart boy: blah blah blah. well, i hid my bike out in the alley, cause i really don't have money for a lock right now. blah blah blah. and can you believe i've had three bikes stolen? blah blah blah. blah blah blah.
beth: [and done.] (enter familiar face) oh, hi allison! (to bart boy) nice meeting you-- looks like my friends got here! thanks for the beer!

scene close.

theme: although your cut calves may attract people to you, they are most likely not worth your time. although, perhaps you might get a free beer out of the deal, which you can nurse all night.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

postscript of most importance

too much and nothing possible to say about the tragedy of this past weekend. no life lesson or short phrase exists to digest such a situation. it is all just so very hard to process. my deepest sympathies to the family and friends of matt & kristy. god bless.

* * *
i have been very fortunate to share the past few days with friends and nice folks on my bike.
Saturday: michiko-- the most amazing teammate -- really wants to see me meet my potential in goldsprints. she does not want to be embarrassed of me losing chugging competitions proceeding sprints. thus, she volunteered to deliver me cold beer while doing a hill workout saturday....what a gem! but few things come between m-coco and sleep. as i was up early saturday going up and down the papa bear hill, i was awaiting my beer feed to arrive, so i could practice my chug and uphill sprint. but, one can only do so many hill repeats waiting for a beer-feed. so, i began to ride home, sans beer. but lo and behold-- sleeping beauty had awoken and was en route to deliver said beer! i could do no more hill repeats, so i just met my beer feed at inspiration point. and i got not only a beer to help the quad growth, but also a yummy chocolate donut! as i drank my beer and ate my donut, nearly every AARP card holder i knew happened to ride by and say hi. they were wondering why i wasn't riding with them any longer; beer & donut in hand, all i could say was: "listen, i'm training, okay?" although i didn't chug the beer, or really do any sprint efforts afterwards, m-coco did let me draft her car all the way on wildcat..... and then i ran into my ex right before the downhill, and if there has ever been motivation to become a faster descender, i think i just found it.
Sunday: m-coco was really impressed with my off-roading, i.e. biking over leaf covered pavement. (perhaps leaf covered is an exaggeration.)
Tuesday: track is back! this was a blast!!!!! so good to see people again and roll around in circles all night. some evening highlights:
  • jen brought some brownies, that i neglected to eat. dumb me. how will my quads ever grow more? also, dash gave me quite the seductive hello. jen and mark are teaching him some really skeezy bar pickup moves.
  • madison warm-up where we were practicing going up and over people coming down off the top. this was really helpful practice for pack riding and being aware of things going on. i am excited to practice this more every week!
  • then we did these 3 lap scratch races, and i went really fast in those last 200m trying to beat that dude next to me and gassed my lungs out. it ruled and going fast on the track is a blast!
  • our endurance efforts were these 12 laps where each lap got faster and faster. this was hard, and i tried to get behind the tallest dude to get the best draft. this was great for awhile, until a tiny gap opened between us, and i worked really hard to close it for a lap, which i did & that was my most proud moment of the night. but things got faster and faster, and with a couple laps left, i was popping pretty bad and couldn't catch up, and had to pull off, and very sorry to the poor folks behind me.
  • then we played some games! these ruled. i got to do the slow paced match sprint drill with gio, marzio, rob evans, & justin. watching gio, marzio, and rob go at it was a blast-- swoop, swoop, swoop. then we did it with two people, and this was fun too!
  • we finished the night with some team sprints. gio was holding me up the opposite direction of the starters, and i was trying to do a chicken fight-- but they made me take my laps instead.
  • the ranger had us leave and turned off the lights and i had pee and frolic over all of those piles of mulch in the dark.
  • then i hacked until i got to fremont.

And the important numbers for the week?

Quads: 60.25cm

And, the overpass challenge today?? 180 baby!!!! whoa.

p.s. people shouldn't post pictures of their hot legs on their blogs without measuring them. couLIZHATCHgh, couHERNANDOgh.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

growing pains

tuesday i didn't bike at all, and all i could feel all morning was the tingle in my legs. my quadies were growing. tingle, tingle, tingle. they were getting SO HUGE, right as I was sitting at work doing my job. tingle, tingle. grow, quads, grow! i was getting so excited, knowing that the magic was happening right then and there. all i wanted to do was pull down my pants at my desk and measure. but i knew it was more important to be patient. patience is a good thing. rewards are always better with a bit of deprivation. i couldn't wait for thursday. yeah, yeah, because thursday means it's almost friday.... but who cares? more importantly, thursday is when i measure. and i knew that this was going to be a week where they just popped outta nowhere.

went down to the port with the girls again-- karla, carol, laura, morgan, and rousha. [geez rousha, i just met you, but you must feel lame for not having a blog.] look how cute they are!!!

well, we pretty much kicked our collective asses. then, the important part of the night happened..... i challenged them to the "OVERPASS CHALLENGE."

what is the overpass challenge?

so happy you asked, my loyal blog readers!

the overpass challenge goes like this:

on top of overpass, get in tiny gear (like 39x21) and spin down and fast as you can until your eyes are going to pop out and see how fast you can get your cadence. this is the overpass challenge. (sorry, that is probably a big disappointment, but you shouldn't expect so much from me. i am from ohio, and thus am easily amused.)

well, we didn't quite do the overpass challenge, cause we were going backwards over the overpass. (i like to do it the other way, where there isn't a stop light and oncoming traffic at the end)... but we improvised and took turns getting in tiny gear and spinning as fast as humanly possible on the flats as everyone else watched from behind jeering. it is strangely exhilarating watching people move their legs so fast, and some people do funny things with their upper body and butts, which is quite mockable at a later date. for instance, karla's got this little head bob, like those roxbury dudes on saturday night live who would go into the dance club with that song "what is love? baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me not more." that was pretty awesome.

that is the overpass challenge. my best in the overpass challenge is 173, which i got tonight. challenge yourself and lets hear it.

i am not gonna get to excited about doing well in the overpass challenge, for a number of reasons. 1) it is the overpass challenge. 2) i don't think there is any correlation between the overpass challenge and anything else. as no one would ever sprint in a 39x21. 3) i bet my readers can go like 250. that would be awesome to watch!!! i bet your couldn't even see his/her legs!

alright, enough about the overpass challenge. i have been holding you in suspense for too long.

thursday quad measurement!!! i must say the 4 ladies i was with had some exceptional quad measurements-- all report some pretty braggable numbers. everyone was at least 58cm. sweet. and m? oh baby, 60.5cm!

as george castanza would say: I'm back, baby!