Friday, December 12, 2008


this afternoon was our holiday party at work. as such, i did not bike in today... and as such, i took a shower this morning. this required me "blow drying" my hair so i wouldn't be wet hair girl at work.

so all i get all day at work is: "oh, you look so nice today" blah blah blah, "your hair" blah blah blah, "why don't you wear it like that more often?" blah blah blah. the first person, it was kind of nice. as was the second and third. and then it got a little over the top. damn, i must look like shit normally.... especially considering i didn't look that nice today. i just wore my hair down. i didn't put on any make up. and i didn't wear particularly nice clothes either.
and then i realized what a piece of crap i must look like everyday. it isn't like i can wear my hair down when it is all helmet sweaty. anyway, the only person who didn't say anything is my boss, cause she is cool and doesn't recognize stuff like that (so she says). but then she told me the executive director asked her: "who is that?" (as i was apparently walking to the bathroom) and she gives him a weird look and says to him: "beth....?" and the ED goes: "oh! i didn't even recognize her."

now c'mon. a pony tail isn't like a face mask. but maybe i haven't cut my hair in so long that i really had the "cousin itt" look going on today, and that is why everyone said i am looking so good.

well, i am going to go sit in a dark room now.

oh yeah, and my quads at 61.5cm


teamwelliver said...

funny...i was considering wearing my hair down once to school last week but then I changed my mind for this very reason. I don't like many people at school and I don't like to create invitations to conversation. So the hair stays up, in a messy bun-like shape, every day. Until I graduate.

twinkiepatissier said...

"oh, you look so nice today" blah blah blah, "your hair" blah blah blah, "why don't you wear it like that more often?" blah blah blah.

i think the bottom line is:

"oh, you don't smell today." as such, i may add...miss south carolina? or was it such as?

um, i have a request...can you also measure your arms since you are pumping your upper body, too?

Garrett Lau said...

There are a lot of movies in which a plain-looking girl is transformed into a ravishing beauty just by removing her glasses and letting her hair down.

verification word: cyclota

CyclistRick said...

I keep thinking of wearing my hair down. But then I remember I would have to grow it back out :-) (Used to have it down to the small of my back .... and I did wear a ponytail at times).

I know longer worry about what others think. I have gone totally Thoreau in my outlook towards such things.

Beth said...

CR- must be nice being married.

some dude said...

please to add the following to the mel fan club:

Groover said...

That's so funny, Beth. Oh my god, I'm wet hair girl at work all the time. Thanks for the heads up. I won't blow dry my hair for work so I'll never find out what they all think ... ;-0

casual entropy said...

Beth, I think my job a few jobs ago was similar. Though appearances function differently for ladies and dudes.

Anyway, I should really start measuring my quads, especially since I started regularly riding rollers and doing squats and split-squats, in addition to my everyday riding. I've got big plans for the '09 season and I'm starting to plan and prepare now.

Hope all's well out in sunny CA...