Friday, December 05, 2008

nothing of significance

so i wish i had something to write about, but i don't. i was hoping that clicking on the "new post" icon would summons the blog muse and suddenly i would filled with a moderately funny incident that i would elaborate on so it would become very funny. but alas, no muse.

however, it is friday and i do need to post my quad update from yesterday. 61.5cm. and while we are at it, i forgot to post last week, and yes, it too was at 61.5cm. it seems that despite finishing day number 9 in the weight room, my quads have not increased two fold like i had hoped. but, at least i can be a total bad ass and do one-armed push ups now. and by one-armed push ups, i mean girl push ups. or because i don't believe in sexism, "modified push-ups."

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