Wednesday, December 17, 2008

15 psi

so sunday at the track pete billington threatened me: "every self-deprecating comment you make, i am taking 5 psi out of your tires."  

i know exactly what you are thinking: "didn't track workout get rained out sunday?!"   well, pete, gio and i ended up waiting it out and popped in to get a quick workout in before the clouds opened again.  let me just say, it was perfect track training weather.  brrrrr.

now, back to pete billington. within 2 laps of the initial threat, i lost 15 psi.  so i knew i had to be very careful for the rest of the workout.  so i put my game face on.

i can't help my self deprecating comments.  first, they are funny.  second, i am from the midwest and excessive modesty is what we do. and third, no one likes arrogance; people like self deprecation a lot more.  case in point?  i did a little facebook research.  i have 542 friends.  kieran cox has 65.

so, like i said, after the warmup, i had already lost 15psi.  so i decided to channel kieran cox energy for the workout.  i channelled all the "kieran-ism" i could think of.  [i.e. show me the DATA.... NO ONE can come around me.... ALWAYS take the motor in the keirin...i am so fast because i go to the PORT....IMHO (with the H being somewhat ironic)... or insert any other appositive, really.]  i can make fun of kieran because we are friends, or i hope he is okay with me making fun of him.  this mentality would certainly result in my success-- and by success i mean, not losing any more tire pressure.   

the whole workout is unimportant, except effort number three where billington jumped and i was right on his wheel without getting run off it (!!!) and then proceeded to pass him!  it was awesome. gio gave the whoop whoop while it was happening.  and billington is a class act and we did the fist pump after the effort.  

normal beth newell would say something along the lines of: "oh, i was lucky i stayed with you on that jump," or "you drove in from santa barbara at 3am last night..." or some other relevant piece of information that would probably be the cause of why i could actually stay with him on one of those jumps.  but, i wasn't being my logical self.  i was preserving my psi.  i was channelling kieran cox.  so i made no such comment and proceeded to gloat and talk shit.  

so, for the record books.....
  • december 14, 2008= beth newell jumps with and then passes pete billington in flying 2 lap
and while we are at it....
  • june 27, 2007= beth newell beats nole studley in wednesday night omnium.  (in both scratch races and point race)
  • august 22, 2008= beth newell passes steve pelaez in a sprint during a warm-up training session at ADT
and i think that is all i have.  i am avoiding psi reduction.

and today my quads are at 61.25cm.  a small reduction.


alicat said...

can i play?
November 2008, 4 months preggo Kraz beats Newell at Wildcat Canyon county line sprint point.

nole said...

i made your blog. woot! oh you spelled my name wrong. hahaha.

beth said...

sorry nole. i fixed it.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

"i have 542 friends. kieran cox has 65."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

runjoelrun said...

Yes, that's what I'm laughing about: 65 friends. I think he has 'special' friends for Friday Night that don't make it onto Facebook. That could explain some of it.

karla said...

hilarious. you just need to learn how to chug a beer and then you can gloat about gold sprints too.

Anonymous said...

keep the Cox bashing going and you will have a reader for life!

Grey said...

This is why I don't do goldsprints: so I won't be mentioned in your blog.