Tuesday, October 14, 2008

top reasons to go to hellyer on saturday afternoon

so saturday afternoon is shelley's second fundraiser for her world cups. before i go into some excellent reasons to attend, let me first give you the details:
who: you and all of your friends
what: ride the world cup fundraiser (scratch race & points racing, bbq, beer, raffle galore!)
where: hellyer park velodrome
when: 2 hr warmup at noon, 2pm races start
why: cause shelley needs some money to pay for international plane tickets and international cuisine delicacies.
alright, so now to the reasons why you should attend:
5. see shelley adorned in a brand new stars and stripes jersey before it gets all old and faded because she never takes it off

4. this is probably your best chance to get an exclusive rob evan action shot-- where he will make you look fast in the photo, even if you are off the back. then you can change your profile picture on facebook and feel all pro and badass, even though you aren't.

3. like advertised, these races are part fundraiser and part training for shelley. so even if you are totally a slow-ass like myself, if you show up and put in one balls to the wall effort you can logically take all the credit for shelley kicking butt at the world cups.

2. i looked at the cylcocross schedule and see that mcclaren park is the next day. RTWC provides an excellent opportunity for a either a quick tune up ride OR an opportunity to get completely wasted on the free beer being given out and giving yourself a total legit excuse why not to show up at that crazy mother f-ing hilly cross race the next day.

1. word on the street is adam duvendeck will be there and will be making out with everyone.
so, for further details, please check out the spiffy ride the world cups website. see you there!


WarrenG said...

You forgot to mention the Quad Measuring Station.

"I measured a girl and I liked it, hope my girlfriend won't mind it."

CyclistRick said...

and the top reason to go ....

to heckle Beth!

I could use to do some hecklin', but I will be heading off for some 'therapy' about that time. We will send good vibes back this way, though.

PROMANgirl said...

Yes Beth Quad measuring station a al kissing booth - you can wear the podium girl outfit There will be some very large quads there and kissables too!

Meg said...

I am prep'ing some one-liners......

WarrenG said...

The photos of the event say it all. A bunch of friends hanging out, cervesas, and BTW there was a little bike racing... and jokes from Megan, like: "What happened to the guy who had his left leg and left arm cut off? He's all right now." (You had to be there.)