Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ADT photos and tuesday night scratch race

thanks glen and claire for taking some pictures! and thanks rick for sending them my way.

be sure to always have your number on before getting on this track, otherwise you will get yelled at: "HEY UNATTACHED!" somehow that made it all the better

this is me waiting for a jump during one of our races.

this is me probably doing the same thing.

here is me looking very serious.

here is me looking serious, and this girl looking very happy.

and this is just a picture of my riding at some point in the day.

last night were larry's scratch races. i think the most exciting part of the night was when my bike fell of the hood of mike's car and was hanging on by the wheel. it was pretty funny just looking out the side window and seeing my bike dangling. i couldn't help but laugh. we were luckily not on the freeway and all was fine!

anyway, we did two 30 lap scratch races. it was terribly windy and i had a hard time turning over my whooping 82" gear. after the race, i was wondering if i accidentally put my 14 cog on the back...nope, i am just that weak sauce. both the ladies races were a blast. first race i was gracious enough to give a killer two lap lead out to the VBs. second race, i was a bit smarter. both races were pretty fun, as stuff was going on the whole time. i was a bit disappointed in myself, however. the last couple of races - both at ADT and that saturday omnium a couple weeks ago - i felt like i was really aware and seeing things, and quickly my peripheral vision had expanded or something. yesterday, though, i felt like i regressed to seventh grade and just wasn't there- slow to respond, not seeing stuff, and i just don't think i was riding very comfortably out there, as i have been lately. well, that was some touchy, feely race reportage.....anyway, it was some good, quick racing with ali, sabina, erica, linda, sarah, et al. this race was way more entertaining than at ADT. after our women's races, i hopped in the men's B/C 40 lap race just to ride some more. like a big ninny, i put myself in stupid ass position right before the jump and missed it, so chilled on a paceline for the remainder of the race to get some training in. then mike and ali drove me home and we ate some chex mix. mmm, chex mix...


whizbo said...


Beth said...

oops- sorry. i always forget you can't upload pictures from you gmail to here.

Velo Bella said...

that was so much fun last night.

I think you were trying too hard to look around at stuff. I remember at one point I think I saw your eyeballs swivel around to the back of your head. It sorta freaked me out and made me ride the blue band.

CyclistRick said...

You were quite the little animator last night. I think Sabine's move might have stuck if you had not pulled everyone up to her. In the 40 lap race, once Mike and friends started their own little race and the rest of us were left to paceline, you had the steadiest pulls on the front. I was always happy when it was your turn in the rotation.

chatterbox said...

I ended up on the blue band last night, but not because of Beth's eyeballs.

Beth, the reason you weren't noticing stuff happening, is that you were the one creating a lot of the action! It was fun watching you guys duke it out as I hung on for dear life!

studley said...

beth dont worry about your gearing all of struggled last night with that nasty headwind. You are looking pretty fast these days though.

Merkeley Bike said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....Chex mix!!!

Oh, and the bike racing was fun too ;). The women's race was HOT!

alicat said...

me loves the attacking
me hates slow races
me loves track racing with women
me loves chex mix in the car
i was 4 for 4 with you last night on making the love happen.

but mmmmmm the pint of mango sorbet we ate in front of american idol was icing on the cake.

at midnight, when it was finally time to bring this fabulous evening to a close, a really should have measured my thighs as they were throbbing like nobody's business. in fact, i think i'm going to blog about it right now...

MoMoneyHoney said...

great pictures! I was telling my Chico cycling friends about your awesome "unattached" kit last night!

twinkiepatissier said...

the smilin' ADT girl might have the Chris Horner syndrome.