Sunday, February 10, 2008

magic numbers

some of you might think that 59.75 is the magic number (as that was my quad measurement last thursday).

well, you are mistaken. it is 95,275. that is the final world count of my book. by my book, i mean my bosses book. that book being-- total cure: restructuring american health care. don't try to buy it on you can't until fall. and, if you are thinking it will be amusing like my blog, think again. it is dry. very, very dry. unfortunately, my boss doesn't have the same charming sense of humor as i do and put lots of stupid jokes in that i tried to edit out...but they would always creep back in-- in a battle of track changes. i gave up. because i am a quitter.

the other magic number of the week is 46. that is, 46 hours i worked on the book between thursday and sunday. that is a lot in four days. especially considering i only worked 6 hours saturday. that was my day off. i went to the track race. more on that in a moment.

the third magic number is 2. 2 being: i am finished with my book and just emailed it to the publisher and my 2 roommates are asleep, so i can neither jump on the couch and scream, nor can they drink and hoot and holler with me. 2 also being 2 buck chuck. nothing says: harvard university press like 2 buck chuck. (i am celebrating high society, writing this blog post. cause i am lame and everyone is asleep and my eyes are in a sick computer glaze and when i finally stepped into the sunlight today at 5:00, the non LCD light hurt my eyes.)

alright, back to saturday. 12. 12 laps too many. when i saw 12 i did not think: "ooo, sprint lap coming up-- get in good position." i thought: "in less than 10 minutes i can have a beer." man, that was brutal. i thought this fund raiser race was going to be a leisurely jaunt around the track....or at least halfway civilized. i wasn't expecting all these fast dudes kicking my ass. geez, i'm a girl- can't you go slower for me? and what was with all those disc wheels in the C race? boooooooo! i am going to start chanting that at the next race i am in. that was like my first long points race when joe fineman started "booing" julie granshaw for attacking after the first lap of the race. and he was in the race. that was pretty awesome. people should boo more often at competitors. i should have booed that person who passed me on the blue line, but instead i made some lame-o "whoa", then threw an elbow. next time i am head butting. but honestly, i have such a small head, i think head butting would really hard for me, because my neck has to travel a lot longer... ya know, that whole fulcrum thing.

well, the race finished and i took a lap around the warp-up circle as a cool down. i just really wanted that beer. big mistake. beer neither hydrates, nor does one lap around the cool down circle do anything for the hurt all those mean men gave to me. (just remember beating up on girls has never got anyone laid...unless your into that, but i'm really not)

after the race, me and alicia went to this awesome vegetarian vietnamese restaurant. it was way cheap and very good. mmmmmm. it is called di da, located 2597 senter road. this is good for you to note. i will tell you why. an anecdote: last year during AVC saturday, i was very hungry and had a melted peanut butter sandwich that was sitting in the hot sun all day. during the break, i thought it a good idea to eat a burrito. a whole big super one. now, i am a very good eater and pride myself on being able to digest and exercise simultaneously. i honed this skill very hard while running, and once ate 7 pieces of pie before doing 10 400m repeats. that was sick. (as in awesome sick, not as in gross sick. it was my junior year in high school and it was "pi day" in math class, as in 3.14159 day-- and i ate every kind....cherry, apple, pecan, chocolate silk, derby, etc.) anyway back to AVC, those burritos are big, and, while my stomach wasn't upset, i really thought i was going to shit my pants during that scratch race. luckily, i made it out and didn't shit my chamois. so, next time. don't go buritto. go to di da. probably a better decision. and they have all that yummy fake meat that tastes so much like meat it makes you wonder.

i wish some pictures were posted so i could put a picture of me in my hot new skinsuit. you are all soooo jealous. as michiko say: it's the crate and barrel look. the only downside, is i totally got my period right during the warmup. the upside is, though, those chamois are already colored red. the design is pretty crate and barrel-esque. i wish they had picked this design. it was way cooler.

"Make a statement: this racer is not for sale. This blank template displays all the opportunities you took to say no. No to The Man, and no to the commercialization of your effort. It is also a good way to break the ice with that guy who owns the roofing company whom you've been eyeing to sponsor your team, 'You see this spot here? It's for you.' "

Speaking of which, I need to go to bed so I can get up at 6am to go to job #1 to print & FedEx, then to job #2. Someone pointed out to me that in this time of recession, that it is crazy i have two jobs. What can I say, I I am not a team player. I like to hoard things: like jobs. Hmm, that is 5.5 hrs of sleep. Probably not worth 5 hrs to finish this $2 bottle of wine. By myself. Nothing like being pathetic on a Sunday night.


twinkiepatissier said...

cause i am lame and everyone is asleep

everyone is asleep, but me.



As for 2 Jobs, you are not supposed to be a team player. Have as many jobs as you want.

I suggest 4.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

I always wonder if all the girl bike racers are on the same cycle since we all spend so much time around each other...

CyclistRick said...

If I had been at Hellyer you could have taken out all that on my poor puny legs. As I am sure you would have done.

And I may go for the 'pimp the man' look. Sell the space on the kit to the highest bidders. Then I might get enough to buy a season supply of two-buck chuck (which I am told is three bucks in Manhattan).

mhernandez said...

yes, beth was kind enough to inform me at the track ... that she'd just bloodied her skinsuit in a way my physiology probably wouldn't allow.

it was ... icky.

i think i have a crate and barrel shot of you, too.

you kinda look like an old-timey burgler who sewed his old-timey prison fatigues into a skinsuit.


WarrenG said...

26: The number of training weeks before the Qualifiers for the Elite Track National Championships.

Anonymous said...

warren--leave those old shrivelled legs at home till masters!