Wednesday, June 06, 2007

sprinterval hell

On Tuesdays, I have been going to Fremont for Sprintervals. They have been awesome and so helpful! Larry Nolan has been kind enough to organize a practice for a bunch of people and teaches us good sprinting form, helped up discover our strength and weaknesses in sprinting, given us exercises on leading out, coming around, bumping, and all sorts of other cool stuff! Everyone is so nice and it is great to meet other bikers! I have had a bunch of fun biking with Angela. I can also tell I am getting faster! The funny thing about sprintervals is you don't usually get tired until the next day, when you get a really bad bike hangover-- fatigue, grumpy, and starving. Even walking to the bathroom seems like a chore.

Today I have the worst bike hangover ever. Thus far, Tuesdays have been hard, but definitely doable. Usually I like to sprint with Angela -- who is awesome and has been so helpful giving me tips! There are also sometimes other women there who I can sometimes keep up with. And if no other women are there, I can usually count on a couple of climbers who I can at least stay within striking distance from, or draft off of for a little bit.

But today I showed up and it we me, Larry, and three guys. First, I looked at their faces and thought: "well, maybe i can hang." Then I glanced down at their quads and almost pissed my pants. These men's quads were about as big as my head. I knew I was in trouble. Then I find out we are doing 30 sprints! 30 sprints straight -- no breaks, headwind/tailwind 30 times!! Larry told me to draft and keep up with the guys, but the thing is within a half a pedal stroke those monster quads were already 8 feet ahead of me! So that meant a night of sucking wind (not sucking wheel!) The guys were really nice and went slow between sprints so I could catch up and then get blown away 29 more times. I don't know how I finished or how I made it back to BART. Anyway, long story short is today I feel like ASS.


Flandria said...

ha ha! bike hangover...

Beth said...

i missed you!