Thursday, December 21, 2006

saddle sore? I think not.

so I had a minor freak out moment in the bathroom today when I felt a large lump on my butt. my roommate looked at it and it was kind of blue. Was this a saddle sore? I was freaking out because it seemed like it was a weird spot... but who to ask? I can't call Fred. And I don't know many women bikers. I called every woman cyclist I knew - which was about four people. Some who I have only ridden with twice... awk-ward.

Narda called me back. She is a sweet masters time trialist - and an awesome women. But I definitely don't know her well enough to be talking about bumps in my butt hole. But she was awesome and gave me the diagnosis. Not a saddle sore -- a hemorrhoid. HEMORRHOID?!?! How do you get these?
  1. being overweight. (nope)
  2. inactive. (nope)
  3. sit a lot. (not really)
  4. pregnant. (nope)
  5. eat lots of meat and not enough veggies. (nope)
  6. have trouble pooping. (definitely nope)
I determined it must have been over straining myself from going on a ride with the juniors. (bad idea) Crazy shit. I bet Narda is having a good laugh out of me now.

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twinkiepatissier said...

um...i am having a good laugh out of you now.