Thursday, March 01, 2007

roller fun

Casts suck. That is all there is to say. They smell and they are itchy and annoying. And I can't ride my bike. I am trying not to lose too much shape, so I have been going to spin classes, riding the tandem with Fred on weekends, and been attempting the crazy thing called rollers.

Rollers are scary. You are basically riding your bike on cylinders -- kinda like that log running. Except you are on a bike. I've been doing it 2 days a week outside my house in front of tree at 6 in the morning. Fred comes over and has to hold my handlebars cause I am in a cast and have even worse balance than normal. It is pretty embarrassing. Especially when people going on their morning walks with their dogs walk by and see some girl balancing on this crazy things with some guy with a white beard holding her upright. Anyway, even in a couple of weeks, I can tell I am getting smoother and am able to better balance. But, man, who created these things? It is crazy!

Here is a picture of them, except I don't look this happy. In fact, I look terrified.

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