Sunday, March 25, 2007

let's go gunnar!

Apparently that is my new nickname.

Today was my second day of the bay area women's bike clinic. One of the instructors was giving me an awful lot of help (Thanks Cheryl!!!), especially on my cornering which was oh, so close, but not quite there. Anyway, at one point, I was the only one doing the drills and she was yelling "let's go gunnar" and then some of the women watching were cheering me along also saying "go gunnar!" It was awesome having everyone pulling for me, especially by my new nickname. Who needs a name like Beth, when I can be known by my bike! (my bike is a "color of the month" 9/30/05- orange glow over sterling silver She's beautiful!)


twinkiepatissier said...


Beth said...

you are really the only one who calls me this. :)