Monday, December 18, 2006

juniors are ass kickers

So I have been off the bike a bit cause I was on vacation- so I thought on my first long ride back I wanted to do a nice ride with the Duros, expecting not to be able to keep up and fall back. Fred and I BART into Walnut Creek and get there early. The Tieni Duros - a junior development team - meets earlier and leaves. Fred is friends with this guy and they invite us on the ride with them, so we go... and let me say, I am not so excited cause high school boys are fast.

You don't even know. I think we started off the easy paceline going down San Ramon Blvd super fast-- then we go up Dublin Grade and of course I feel like I need to stay in the front and I am just killing myself trying to keep up with these boys. Then we start going down and I realize we're doing some crazy rotating paceline down and I think I am going to crap my pants I so scared cause I have never done this before and we are going so fast. Thank god I make up. Then we go up redwood and I hang and hang and probably about a mile to the top, the top group goes in front of me...I was feeling a little sorry for myself, until I realize some of these juniors are like national champions and have pro contracts with Lombardi. (But this was their easy day in the off season). I came home from Pinehurst, instead of going back to Walnut Creek with them. I passed out I was so exhausted. Teenage boys are ass kickers for sure.

Best conversation of the day, while in double paceline.

Jr.: So what school do you go to?
Me: Uh, actually, I am graduated....from college. (And of course, I feel like a loser.)

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